Wedding Ring Fishing Spinner

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  • Chartreuse/Black/Chartreuse
  • Chartreuse/Black/Fluorescent Chartreuse
  • Glow/Orange/Chrome
  • Glow/White/Fluorescent Orange/Chrome
  • Hammered Brass/Chartreuse
  • Hammered Brass/Fluorescent Chartreuse
  • Hammered Brass/Fluorescent Orange
  • Hammered Brass/Fluorescent Orange Glow
  • Hammered Brass/Fluorescent Ruby
  • Hammered Nickel/Chartreuse
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Blue
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Chartreuse
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Orange
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Orange Glow
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Pink
  • Hammered Nickel/Fluorescent Ruby
  • Hammered Nickel/Glow/Fluorescent Orange
  • Hammered Nickel/Hot Pink
  • Hammered Nickel/Orange/Chartreuse
  • Hot Pink/Fluorescent
  • Hot Pink/Yellow/Chartreuse
  • Orange/Gold/Fluorescent Fire Orange
  • Orange/Gold/Fluorescent Orange
  • Pink/Chartreuse/Pink
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The wedding ring spinner, helping anglers catch their limits of trout and kokanee since 1969. The highest quality rhinestone diamonds create a brilliant reflection that captivates kokanee, trout, perch, walleye and many other game fish. If your father or grandfather ever went fishing in the great northwest, chances are he fished with a wedding ring spinner, a favorite for over 40 years. The original wedding ring spinner is hand-tied on monofilament line giving it greater action in the water than lures made with wire. Color: hammered brass flo orange.
Color: Chartreuse/Black/ChartreuseChartreuse/Black/Fluorescent ChartreuseGlow/Orange/ChromeGlow/White/Fluorescent Orange/ChromeHammered Brass/ChartreuseHammered Brass/Fluorescent ChartreuseHammered Brass/Fluorescent OrangeHammered Brass/Fluorescent Orange GlowHammered Brass/Fluorescent RubyHammered Nickel/ChartreuseHammered Nickel/Fluorescent BlueHammered Nickel/Fluorescent ChartreuseHammered Nickel/Fluorescent OrangeHammered Nickel/Fluorescent Orange GlowHammered Nickel/Fluorescent PinkHammered Nickel/Fluorescent RubyHammered Nickel/Glow/Fluorescent OrangeHammered Nickel/Hot PinkHammered Nickel/Orange/ChartreuseHot Pink/FluorescentHot Pink/Yellow/ChartreuseOrange/Gold/Fluorescent Fire OrangeOrange/Gold/Fluorescent OrangePink/Chartreuse/Pink
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