Ring Master Vibrating Metal Blade Fishing Lure

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  • Chartreuse/Irange
  • Chartreuse/Orange
  • Glow/Chartreuse/Ruby
  • Glow/White/Flourescent Chartreuse/Fluorescent Ruby
  • Red Chrome/Fluorescent Ruby
  • Red/Chrome/Red
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Ring master #6 red chrome red. Ask any long-time fisherman about this lure and he will most likely tell you about the benefits of having a vibrating metal blade and tightly-spaced sharp red hooks. Take it fishing and you?¦+ll know why they call it ?¦úthe master!?¦ñ mack''s lure ringmaster - this version is highly acclaimed among fisherman who prefer a larger blade with highly visible reflector tape. Combined with the glo hook and wedding ring, this lure creates a visible bait fish can?¦+t resist.
Color: Chartreuse/IrangeChartreuse/OrangeGlow/Chartreuse/RubyGlow/White/Flourescent Chartreuse/Fluorescent RubyRed Chrome/Fluorescent RubyRed/Chrome/Red
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