Style 393 SSB 23' Length - Communication/Antennas/Electronic Accessory

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Shakespeare style 393 ssb. 23' length. Whip antenna with conductors running full-length (no loading coil). The style 393 antenna is electrically the same as the industry standard style 390, but its designed in three sections, so it can be shipped conveniently by ups. For use in calm to moderate seas. Chrome-plated brass ferrules, bottom ferrule has 1''-14 thread. Side feed termination band. Suggested mount: shakespeare style 409-r or 410-r mounting kit for deck or side mounting. Three sections: base 92''; center 92''; tip 92''. Shakespeare limited warranty: 2 years. Technical specifications:. 2-30 mhz hf band with tuner. Bandwidth:. Resonant frequency 10. 8 mhz. Swr:. N/a. Impedance:. (ohms): n/a. Gain:. N/a. Max input (watts):. 1000. Dc ground:. N/a. Termination:. Side termination. Height (feet):. 23. Polarization:. Vertical. Radiation pattern:. Omni-directional.
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