6018 Phase III 18'4" Marine VHF Antenna - Stainless steel Sleeve

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Phase iii 6018 18'4" vhf antenna 9db gain. Collinear-phased 1/2-wave elements with choking sleeve. Good communication over the vhf marine band depends on antenna height, quality, and db gain. This sophisticated phase iii powerhouse brings all that to your boat, in a rugged, high-strength fiberglass radome for stability in high seas, high winds, and high speed. Silver-plated outer conductor, copper inner conductor. Stainless steel mounting sleeve. Type "n" connector inside mounting sleeve for easy mounting and dismounting for stowage. Suggested mount: shakespeare style 409-r or 410-r mounting kit. Two sections: base 110" , tip 110". Max. Power input: 150 watts.Swr: less than 1.5:1 at 156.8 mhz.Bandwidth: 3 mhz within 2.0:1 vswr.Frequency: vhf marine band.Dc grounding: no. Manufacturer: shakespeare. Communication-antennasantenna band = vhf. Cable length (feet) = n/a. Cable type = none. Color = white. Construction = fiberglass. Db gain (db) = 9db. Ferrule type = none. Length (inches) = 18' 4".
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