Shakespear Centerpin PI 258 CP-G Connector - Communication/Accessories/Parts

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Shakespeare centerpin pl-258-cp-g connector. Shakespeare offers an extensive line of marine grade connectors and adapters for antenna installations. Our new connectors are gold-plated brass to better withstand the elements and to minimize traditional connector-borne signal loss. Shakespeare centerpin revolutionizes the pl-259 and pl-258. The perfect solution to the troublesome task of installing a pl-259 connector or splicing rg-58 a/u, rg-8/x or lo-max coaxial cables. Shakespeares revolutionary. Centerpin connectors are solderless, fret-less, and botchless. They go on without a hitch, without soldering skills. No measuring, no critical stripping of coax. Insulation, no fussing with the coaxs braid, and no "tinning. ". Pl-258-cp-g is a centerpin pl-258 splice connector for rg-8x or rg-58/au coax.
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