AM/FM 8'. 6235 Phase III Antenna - High-Gloss/High-Performance

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Phase iii 6235 8' feet am/fm antenna. Embark upon your next voyage with the most technologically advanced antenna we've ever created...Construction goes high-tech. Phase iii antennas embody the ultimate in antenna design, construction and performance. We intend them for discerning, tech-conscious boaters who won't settle for less than the best, most versatile and most attractive antennas. For highest electrical efficiency, performance, and longevity, phase iii vhf and cellular antennas start with silver-plated elements. They also feature shakespeare's unique low-angle radiation that puts your signal where it matters most. All of our extra heavy-duty phase iii radomes are completely foam-filled. This sophisticated technique, which is no easy feat to manufacture, isolates the radiators from vibration and moisture for long, dependable service. Antenna mounting has also been designed for more versatility. Phase iii's newly engineered ferrules accommodate a variety of installation possibilities, including standard 1'' inch - 14 thread mounts, and strapping or clamping to a mast. The ferrule, its coupling ring, and the "n" connector at the base allow the antennas to be quickly and easily installed without re-routing your existing coax. This am/fm entertainment band antenna takes am/fm reception to new heights, and coordinates with the looks of other 8' phase iii antennas. Features: high-gloss, high-performance, non-yellowing polyurethane finish. Stainless steel mounting sleeve. Type "n" connector inside mounting sleeve for easy mounting and dismounting for stowage. Includes 20 rg-62 cable with motorola type plug installed. Manufacturer: shakespeare. Antenna band = am/fm. Cable length (feet) = 20'. Cable type = rg-62. Color = white. Construction = fiberglass. Db gain (db) = none. Ferrule type = none. Length (inches) = 8'.
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