712A Trailer Winch - Pulley Block For Double Line Applications

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12 volts electric trailer winch. The 912 and 712 trailer winches are well established with solid, reliable reputations. They feature smooth power-in/free-wheel out action. You can use a pulley or block at the bow eye to double your pulling power you can get more strength out of your trailer winch, but it slows retrieval speed 50%. Remote power-in/freewheel-out operation. 60 amp standard wiring harness. Pulley block for double line applications. Two year limited warranty. Model 712: 23' feet suggested max boat length. Max boat weight of 7,500 pounds. 2400 pound vertical lift capacity (single line) or double pull/line capacity 4300 pounds. (not to be considered or used as a hoist). Manufacturer: powerwinch. Boat length - max (feet) = max. Boat length 23'. Boat weight - max (lbs) = none. Vertical lift (pounds) = none. Pull strength (lbs) = none. Gear ratio = none.
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