Poly-Planar VHF Extension Speakers Flush Mount - Waterproof & Corrosion-Proof

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Vhf extension speakers flush mount. Part number: ma-1000r. This thin, dual cone waterproof communications speaker with 20 watts of power is ideal for use as a vhf remote. Designed for flush mounting, it fits into a 4-?? Diameter cutout. Comes equipped with a mini-plug. Features. Completely waterproof and corrosion-proof. Features stainless steel grills, sturdy plastic frames, polypropylene speaker cones and teflon-coated wires. Deal for use as a vhf remote. Available in black or white color speaker. Specifications. Peak power: 20w each. Speaker impedance: 4 ohms. Cutout diameter: 4-?Aú" (110mm). Overall diameter: 515?Ns16''(151mm). Mounting depth: 1-?Añ" (41mm). Per unit weight: 0. 65 lbs.
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