Soft Plastic Life Like Feel Stroll'R Fishing Bait

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  • Black/Chartreuse
  • Black/Pink
  • Blue Ice
  • Bone/Purple/White
  • Cajun Cricket
  • Electric Chicken
  • Silver/Rainbow
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2' inch slab slayer pumpkin/pearl chartreuse. Rig on a jig head for a very productive crappie setup. Each slab slayer measures 2'' inches long, the perfect size for medium and large-sized crappie. Soft plastic has a pliable, life-like feel, reducing the amount of spit-outs. Unique design gives the slab slayer a slow fall to entice feeding crappie. Comes in 12-count bag. The perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing crappie. Specially designed to appeal to even the most finicky crappie, this soft-plastic lure features tantalizing tail action when jigged or retrieved.
Size:2" Inches2 Inches Inches
Color: Black/ChartreuseBlack/PinkBlue IceBone/Purple/WhiteCajun CricketElectric ChickenSilver/Rainbow
Quantity: 1Two PackTwelve Pack
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